Actually It not accident.

Actually Johnny's feelings in relation to the kid are very inconsistent.

It is more reasonable to assume that the child feels both love, and jealousy of the kid irrespective of, whether they are shown externally or not.

Your task not to ignore jealousy, not to try to suppress it violently, not to shame the child, and to help it to overcome it and to fall in love with the kid.

How to treat various types of jealousy.

When the senior attacks the kid, mother is instinctively terrified and shames the child.

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How long

How long Then I eat everything that comes to hand, and at once I accept laxative.

How long it happens to you?

Somewhere month four.

Pleased me that Deniz realized the problem at once as soon as it appeared.

Physically she felt still normally, and I decided that we have a chance to help it.

It was necessary to understand why Deniz was negative to herself so that could do itself harm in this way.

When it began to come to me to consultations, the problem revealed.

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Parents and the child

Parents and the child He does not want, for a minute to come off the TV to eat or make house lessons.

Parents and the child have to come to the agreement concerning a daily routine that certain hours were taken away for walks, food, a dream, house lessons and telecasts.

Both the child, and parents have to observe firmly set mode.

Otherwise parents will scold the child every time, its outposts at the TV, and the child will include his every time when parents turn away.

Some children and adults can well be engaged at the switchedon radio receiver they assure, what even is better though it is more probable when music, but not a voice of the announcer sounds.

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Therefore In chapter we will talk about selfknowledge.

To raise the children, parents need to learn themselves.

As to the father, it was very lucky me.

When my children were small, I did not know how to cultivate in them ability correctly to handle anger.

But I early enough learned these vital lessons.

Therefore I and my wife could apply them in due time.

We set a goal: to achieve that children reached the considerable level of a maturity to seventeenyear age.

Then all of us can be sure that their introduction in adult life will pass safely.

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To exercise

To exercise To continue to learn to say correctly a sound sh in syllables and words.

To learn to define existence of a sound in words.

To exercise in formation of plural of names of nouns.

To develop attention, memory, a small motility.

EQUIPMENT Travel of a Small Mouse card; pattern images of leaves with the pictures drawn on them; the picture A duck in a cane the imposed images; subject pictures with symbols on a reverse side; subject pictures for exercise of Purchase; pencil.

Organizational moment.

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